About Our Sect

Currently there are two schools in the Enshu style. The branch of the Kobori Enshu-ryu belongs to the lineage of Enshu’s younger brother Masayuki, and is connected to us in a direct line from Enshu, and conveys the tradition of the correct Enshu style. The present iemoto (the head of the school) is considered the sixteenth generation from Enshu.

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Each master

What is the SHORAI-KAI?

The Shorai-kai of the Kobori-Enshu-ryu, which is an organization of people who learn the tea ceremony of the Kobori-Enshu-ryu, sponsors the activity of the head master and aims to deepen understanding of the method of the ceremony, to deepen friendship between members and to promote the spread of the tea ceremony of the Kobori-Enshu-ryu.
Our main activities are the sponsorship of events such as tea gatherings organized by our iemoto at Gokokuji temple in Tokyo, Katori Jingu shrine in Chiba and Kashima Jingu shrine in Ibaraki, the implementation of workshops to deepen understanding of the style and the issuance of newsletters to deepen mutual friendship between members.
There are currently twelve chapters of the Shorai-kai based on prefectural units, and members of Shorai-kai belong to one of the chapters and learn the tea ceremony. Each chapter organizes its own tea gatherings as well as participating in local community tea ceremonies.
If you would like to join, please contact us here (generally in Japanese only).