President greeting


Message Kijima S��ィソi President of Sh��穀ai-kai Thank you for visiting our website.  Four-hundred years have passed since Kobori Ensh��スォ founded buke-cha, known for its grace. Our supporters遯カ�ス association, Sh��穀ai-kai works to succeed, learn and practice buke-cha together and to support the current Grand Master, who has devoted himself to preserving the heritage. We have started this website in order to fulfill our mission to introduce the Kobori Ensh��スォ School of Tea. Japanese tradition is a cradle of tea ceremony, which integrates all aspects of the time-honored culture represented not only in craftwork, calligraphy (sh��。ャ��ソス), flower arrangement (kad��ソス) but also in clothing, food and housing. We hope our website will function as a door to Japanese culture for those interested in it, especially today when it attracts various people around the world. We also wish this site to be a guide for those who want to learn tea ceremony with us.